Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gone for a Lifetime (membership)

I think the most disappointing thing for me is that even playing F2P games, I can't seem to get my friends to play. They would rather be doing something else, in a game they have to pay for. Oh well. So I keep trying to play some of these games, but my motivation goes away every time I try.

Champions Online specifically is more fun, and nicer on the eyes. The menus are especially improved. I'm not sure if I'll ever explore a different MMO unless I know I'll have friends playing. I refuse to invest time if I can't have my friends there.

League of Legends is a great deal of fun, but I'm getting to the point where I need to have someone to team up with. I dipped my toe into rated solo matches, only to realize that bad players are there too.

I tried some solo games for my schooling: namely Sid Meier's Pirates!, Tropico 3, and Age of Empires II. I really am not interested in these kind of sim games. I can see where learning them can benefit how I do things in other games though.

Going through my stats, I found that my number 1 post is for Blood Elf Porn, followed by my WoW in decline post and finally my A Small Voice post where I stated that I was done with Blizzard (I got Warcraft 3 for Christmas last year, so I have been playing that, but to be fair I'm not bothering with forums, and it doesn't seem to be part of the new Battle.net).

I must say that Full Sail University is fun. I'm trying to connect with my classmates, which is hard in an online only environment. I kind of wish I was attending the campus classes. I have a great deal of ideas about games floating in my head, and I'm working hard to find a way to put it on paper in such a way that I could communicate it with others. A great deal of what I'm learning, I already knew, from self study (and reading blogs like Tobold's, Greedy Goblin, and PvD), and others are hitting me hard in the head (leaving me wishing I had a live teacher).

So that's what I've been up to. If you've been waiting for me to come back, then say hello, otherwise, I'll catch you guys later!