Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Current Project - Tetrahedron Twister

So I put up a link to my prototype a while back, Tetrahedron Twister. Well, proof of concept is more like it. Thing is, that it was pretty broken. Couldn't play more than one game without freaking out and what not.

Thing is, I wrote it in javascript using the perlenspiel framework. What I'm working on from here is to take that, and move it to Game Maker. The move is a bit harder, because I'm having to learn how Game Maker works while doing work, school work and other projects. So the going is a bit slow, but I'm making progress.

The key here is that I couldn't take the code, or even some of the concepts, because they work slightly differently. Those are the things that are slowing me down a bit.  Not to mention I'm trying to brainstorm ways to improve on the coding.

The other thing I need to get info on is what will I do to sell it. Do I need to form an LLC? What does that take? The business aspect of it, feels daunting to be tackling alone.

Once I get the game to alpha, I'll look into doing more things with it. I'll keep things up to date here.