Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Quick Review of Doom: Incredibles 2

Good movie. Keeps a narrative focus of what it is to be a super hero, and how society feels about it. Keeps that Golden Age feel for the villains while being very modern in execution. Just as good as the first one in my humble opinion.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Quick Review of Doom: Deadpool 2

Surprising first Act. 2nd Act was what I expected based on the previews. 3rd Act had some great special guest stars. End of the movie establishes the Cinematic Deadpool formula. I really hope to see Deadpool 3 sooner than later.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Quick Review of Doom: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

This show on Netflix is an easy watch. Fast digestible mini-episodes strung together into 23-minute mega episodes. Fast, funny, and featuring and OP protagonist that has weird drawbacks and limits. The best part for me is how much he reminds me of one of my friends. Worth a watch.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happiness is Finding the Story that Speaks to You

I've been into reading since I was little. One day, we were in the grocery store, and I was reading a story on the back of the cereal box. I must have been 3 or 4. I read the box all the way to the car, where my mom realized she had never paid for the cereal, and took me back inside to pay for it.

I read a lot of stories in elementary school. The Whipping Boy stands out with one very clear scene. Some context, the story is about a brat who is so rich (maybe a prince, I don't clearly remember that part), that he has a whipping boy. Whenever the brat does something wrong, they whip or spank the whipping boy instead of the brat. As the story goes, the brat never learns. Until two guys kidnap the two of them. Now they are holding the brat for ransom, but they confused the two boys. So they think the whipping boy is the rich kid. Since they want a full ransom, they realize the can't hurt the rich kid, so they use the whipping boy. But since the story is a role reversal, the rich boy actually gets spanked.

Another story from that time period that I read that stood out to me was, There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom. Ooooh boy, that story triggered some funny thoughts in my head. This boy, who kept saying all these mean things to people, and how they would behave when he hurts them, and then he expresses those traits when he gets hurt.

There's a bit of a theme so far. But there's one more story that really brought it home for me. Dealing with Dragons. Dealing with Dragons was about a princess who didn't want to be a princess. She wanted to be a hero, a sorceress, a cook. Just about anything else would be more interesting to her than needlepoint. So she runs away from home and becomes a dragon's princess. Which, makes her parents very happy, since a knight who rescues her would get to marry her, and they were afraid they wouldn't be able to entice anyone to marry her on their own!

To top it off, all the skills she secretly learned on her own gave her the ability to help the dragon she ran off with! She used her abilities and made her choice, and in doing so, she satisfied the people who weren't satisfied with her behavior before. But it is because of her skill set that the dragon accepts her in the first place.

Expectation versus reality. People expect the rich kid to be educated and well behaved, but the rich kid is a brat. People expect the macho guy to not cry, but he's just as human as everyone else. People expect the princess to be ladylike, but she'd rather clean and organize a library and sword fight her way out of situations.

These kinds of stories really speak to me on a personal level.

What kind of stories do you like?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Patreon! Going Live on the 1st!

I am a writer, a dungeon master, and a game designer. Make of that what you will. More to the point, I am Eddie Gomes, better known as Pangoria Fallstar. I have been writing poetry and short stories for over 20 years. I’ve also been creating small games for the past 5 years, and have otherwise been a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons for 15 years on and off.

I live in Southern California, where the debris meets the sea.

I'm a small creator in a big world of content. I can understand that there are levels of things in this world. There are creators across a wide spectrum of work online, and deciding to spend money on someone because they cater to something you want to see more of can be very special.

I want to thank anyone and everyone who supports my work. It can be strange, straightforward, or over the top. I am definitely ludic and very diverse overall. But, for me to be able to express myself completely I have to find a way to pay the bills.

Create to Pay Bills

The way the ecosystem of creation is, a person can’t just make something and make money off of it, without a lot of luck. A diversity of resources is important. I have long-term projects that I’m working on, but the pay off isn’t here. I would love to be able to just work on these things and not worry about money, but I have a family and a very particular set of skills that unfortunately mean that most places will not hire me. Essentially, I’m unable to get a job in retail anymore. I had an office job for too long, and I’m on a long list of people who are overqualified and in abundance for the work I do have experience with.

So, my goal is to take my skills and try to create things for people who want these things created. I’m a short story writer, and so, by supporting me, you support original short stories across a gamut of sci-fi, space opera, fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, and romance.

Supporting me means getting downloads of content that I’m making, as I’m making it. I have a variety of stories I want to write, and I have a list of "topics" (concepts, general ideas, entire outlines) that I work on. Most of it is original content, some of it is fanfiction, and others are chapter stories. I'll release either a chapter a month or a different story each month, depending on how the voting goes.

I'll continue to use for my Fanfiction stories, and original short stories will be put on

"That is...a tremendously f-ed up story. I'm damn near non-shockable, but this definitely threw me for a loop." - Tuatara

"Rather funny, in a chick-flick comedy sort of way..." - Mr. Qwerty

"…Sigh." - Anonymous

"This story has gotten really weird yet not completely unbelievable considering what we know of these characters." - Compucles

"Seems to get weirder all the time..." - Shadowstalker666