Sunday, May 30, 2010

Questing, how it should be

Over at Tobold's Open Sunday Thread, a discussion began about leveling up, and I gave my idea of breaking the current quest system into a 3 tier system, so that quests can feel more like Quests.

The three tiers would be: Errands, Missions, and Quests.  I'll break it down, and give some examples, based on the Human Starting Zone in WoW.

Errands - Rewards are based on distance needed to travel to get to the turn in.  Reward would be the unlocking of Missions or Quests, monetary (for delivery), with a small experience gain.  Typically Errands would be used to help guide a player, much like such “quests” are used currently.  Errands typically would not include killing 10 foozles.  Errands text would be minimal.

Missions - Rewards  are based on difficulty of the mission.  Rewards would include unlocking ‘next level’ missions, monetary or item reward, and good experience gain.  Though most “quests” would fall under a mission, the changes would be that a mission would have a more ambiguous goal.

For example:  “We’ve been having trouble with Kobold’s lately.  We’d appreciate your help in eradicating them from the grounds of the Abbey.”

Mission now says, Kill Kobolds near the Abbey.

You go and start killing Kobolds, algorithm kicks in and you’ve killed enough that they fear you and run away.  Mission updates to have you chase them down.

You follow them (UI helps guide you if you lose track of them or have to AFK) into a cave.  There it updates for you to finish the extermination (Paladins should understand that Kobolds, though sentient, are no better than rats).  You go in killing them, when you run across a demonically possessed crystal that has been driving them insane.  (note that the mission may not update).

You now either finish killing them all, or you destroy the crystal.  Destroying the crystal snaps them out of their possession, and you are approached by their leader for a peace treaty (at this point you can make a choice).  Mission is now over, and you go submit your report (turn in the mission and get your rewards).

These types of missions would replace 3-4 WoW quests.

Quests - These are overarching with a zone, dynamically updating (much like missions), and should be the MAIN storyline of the zone (with Missions providing supplementary stories to a zone).

Quest rewards are massive, magical items and large payments, large experience gains.  Typically you would have 1, maybe 2 quests per zone (though usually not at the same time).  Quests would also fall under Class quests, and Rep quests.

For example:  You have talked to the first guy you saw after starting the game, and he gives you an errand to speak with the Marshall.  The Marshall, gives you the quest for helping out around the Abbey (notice how open that statement is).

You start out by helping with a wolf attack (mission), meeting up with your class trainer (errand), destorying the Kobolds (mission), grabbing some grapes (errand), stopping the defias (mission), and finally killing the leader of the invading defias (end of mission, and end of quest).

The Marshall thanks you for all your help, rewards you, and gives you an Errand to go to Goldshire.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Champions Online, running better than ever

It has been over 5 months since I've played Champions Online.  Somewhere in those five months, a free expansion has come out, and it now runs better than it did before.  I actually got to play it on my wife's computer (which was having problems running it before).  Now I plan to explore more, but some things I've noticed in just a short play time.

1)  Zone chat now crosses to all instances of that zone, greatly increasing finding people to group up with, and chatting in general.

2)  Costumes have WAY more glowing, and it beautiful.

3)  The game is still fun, and much like playing an enhancement shaman, I find myself killing through hordes of enemies, before I remember that I had a mission I was headed to.

4)  The power level feels just right, where you feel like a superhero.  In other words you can take on a group of enemies without being overwhelmed, while still needing some form of strategy so as to not be killed.

This game is still a lot of fun.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Champions Online, Life time Perks

We just wanted to thank you again for purchasing a Lifetime Subscription from us. As you already know, this entitles you to play the game without paying a monthly fee. But, that’s not where it ends. Later this month we’ll be releasing special perks for you, just to show our appreciation. Here’s some of what we’re working on, exclusive to Lifetime Subscribers: 

Exclusive In-Game Chat Channel 
Talk shop with other Lifetime Subscribers. Share thoughts and ideas about the game, or anything else. 

Front-of-Queue Support
Waiting isn’t fun, and we don’t think you should have to do it. Any time the server is queued, you’ll go to the front of it. 

In-Game Title
Visibly show off your support. 

In-Game VIP Lounge
Spend time in an exclusive area inside the game. This social area is limited to Lifetime Subscribers only. 

A Unique Costume Piece
Show off your lifetime status in style.