Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Champions Online, running better than ever

It has been over 5 months since I've played Champions Online.  Somewhere in those five months, a free expansion has come out, and it now runs better than it did before.  I actually got to play it on my wife's computer (which was having problems running it before).  Now I plan to explore more, but some things I've noticed in just a short play time.

1)  Zone chat now crosses to all instances of that zone, greatly increasing finding people to group up with, and chatting in general.

2)  Costumes have WAY more glowing, and it beautiful.

3)  The game is still fun, and much like playing an enhancement shaman, I find myself killing through hordes of enemies, before I remember that I had a mission I was headed to.

4)  The power level feels just right, where you feel like a superhero.  In other words you can take on a group of enemies without being overwhelmed, while still needing some form of strategy so as to not be killed.

This game is still a lot of fun.