Friday, November 21, 2008


My name is Pangoria Fallstar.

At first this blog was about World of Warcraft, so let me talk about that first.

Pangoria was the name of my main toon. As a matter of fact, since I created my shaman, I have been the only Pangoria in any World of Warcraft server (this has changed recently, so not all Pangorias are me).

I've played WOW since 1.11, and have been the slowest leveler ever. I've done less quests and mostly grinded and ran instances. I was an auction house whore, and had trouble keeping a silver on me. I bought my first mount at 52, and my second mount at 64. I was jealous of my wife for leveling faster than me. I played Horde. Alliance side makes me feel like I'm suffocating (I suffocated myself to level 62). I've played every class to at least level 20, and I've played 5 classes to 60 (though Deathknights are kinda cheating).

I was inspired by Blessing of Kings, Suicidal Zebra, and Player vs. Developer to write this. I must say though, that I'm infatuated with Shaman.

Recently I've been trying to improve my blogging, and communicating with Larisa of The Pink-pigtailed Inn, and Tobold.

Now, my blog is more than about World of Warcraft, or even gaming. It's about who I am, and my thoughts and explorations into what shapes my everyday decisions, and what shapes the decisions of those around me.