Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Pvp map coming to Champions

Zombie Apocalypse, a new hero map in Champions Online, has a group of players fighting off hordes of zombies as well as a fallen Champion who has crossed over.... and came back with an appetite for carnal knowledge (brains not sex).

As the living players fend off NPC zombies and a PC Champion Zombie, they try to survive long enough to earn their points. On the other side, the zombie player adds to his rank by killing the living, and making them join his zombie menagerie.

In the end, the question is, did the zombie player at start kill enough of the living, or did the living fight off the zombies long enough to earn their keep as true Champions?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New items in the C-store

Champions online Microtransactions proceed full steam ahead, and with Halloween around the corner, they released, the Halloween Costume Set. Each set sells for 240 points each (about $3), and you can buy all 3 halloween sets for 640 points ($8, saving you $1 for buying the whole pack). If you look at the Cryptic points store, the minimum you can buy is 500 points for $6.25 (5.44 eur, so they seem to be price matching, though I don't know what the conversion rates are). Buying more points will not lower the cost per point which is .0125 (or 1 and a quater penny). Cryptic points are for all cryptic games and don't expire, so your star trek game can use these too.

Also for sale is a Cyborg Beast costume set ($3) and an Epic Samurai Set ($3). In addition, costume sets for for all characters in the account you purchase it for.

3 emblem packs for $1 each, and for all characters.

Now for the big stuff, additional character slots, full retcons, character rename, and additional costume slots.

You can add 4 more character slots to your account for $15.

Full retcons ($12.50) and Character renames ($3.50) are for one character on the account at a time. Of course, now we'd have to see how much a full retcon in game costs to see what the value of ingame currency is versus RL money.

Finally you can get 2 additional costume slots for ALL characters ($5).

So is this the doom and gloom that everyone thought it would be?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's important to note (not really)

Hallow's end started today. Collecting the candy is a great way to level.

Secondly, each flag cap in WSG currently nets me 900-1000 exp. At appx., 25000+ exp to level, we're looking at over 7 WSG victories to level up.

Third, Champions Online, halloween activities begin on the 27th.

Fourth, All that "promise" that Champions had is still there, and progressing. They're adding more dailies, and progress in the game fast and often, much like young WoW. For those holding out, I'll give it another serious look over after the next batch of added content (whatever they deliver after the halloween adventure).

Fifth Element.... why did I never watch this movie until now?

Six a.m. Time for a nap.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I started wondering if what I like, as far as videogames, and movies, and books, might affect how others view my opinions and suggestions.

So I decided to write about 5 favorite games of all time. These are games that I can play and enjoy at anytime, and never get tired of them (or at least I never have).

Ranked from most favorite down:

Ms. Pac-man
Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past
Super Mario World
World of Warcraft

If we extend this list down 5 more we get:

Megaman 2
Final Fantasy VI
Rock and Roll Racing
Super Punch-out
Megaman X2

So, I started wondering what this means as far as what kind of gamer I am. If it were movies, I'd have an easier time identifying things, like the correlation of liking Happy Tree Friends, Rob Zombie movies and Crack Cocaine.

The other interesting thing is that all the games I love, are games I've beaten (World of Warcraft is an exception, but justly so, since you simply can't EVER beat it). There is a high degree of puzzle elements in most of my choices.

Also, a high degree of Super Nintendo games (6/10 are from SNES). Of course, reading over the list I keep wanting to add to it, since there are so many games that I feel "tie" for several spots on the list.

So then, I decided to ask myself, what games do I play now?

Ms. Pac-man (cellphone)
Tetris (cellphone)
Dr. Mario (DSi download)
Scribblenauts (DS)
World of Warcraft (PC)
Champions Online (PC)

Comparing to the first list, I find that my top 2 favorite games still get alot of play-time from me, but where is Zelda, and Mario and Megaman? Why don't I play them, or new games they've released?

Zelda: My favorite Zelda game is Link to the Past, followed by Link's Adventure, and the GBA link games (Time, Season, Four-sword, Minnish-Cap etc etc). I've seen things about the DS Zelda game, but I haven't brought myself to play it yet.

Mario: I wanted to get New Mario Bros, and honestly, I don't know why I haven't yet. I'm really excited for the Mario Wii game that's coming out (the non-Galaxy one).

Mega Man: I'd want to play a non-rpg mega man, maybe in Legends style, or an upgrade from the X series (X series started losing in the US, when they lost the formula of what made the X games so great).

In the end, I like games that I can hop on for 10 minutes and play, but that provide a deep enough experience, that even hours later I'm still having fun.

What is YOUR top 5 games of all time, and what are you playing currently?

PS:If this turns out to be a subject of interest I'll continue on to movies and books.