Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New items in the C-store

Champions online Microtransactions proceed full steam ahead, and with Halloween around the corner, they released, the Halloween Costume Set. Each set sells for 240 points each (about $3), and you can buy all 3 halloween sets for 640 points ($8, saving you $1 for buying the whole pack). If you look at the Cryptic points store, the minimum you can buy is 500 points for $6.25 (5.44 eur, so they seem to be price matching, though I don't know what the conversion rates are). Buying more points will not lower the cost per point which is .0125 (or 1 and a quater penny). Cryptic points are for all cryptic games and don't expire, so your star trek game can use these too.

Also for sale is a Cyborg Beast costume set ($3) and an Epic Samurai Set ($3). In addition, costume sets for for all characters in the account you purchase it for.

3 emblem packs for $1 each, and for all characters.

Now for the big stuff, additional character slots, full retcons, character rename, and additional costume slots.

You can add 4 more character slots to your account for $15.

Full retcons ($12.50) and Character renames ($3.50) are for one character on the account at a time. Of course, now we'd have to see how much a full retcon in game costs to see what the value of ingame currency is versus RL money.

Finally you can get 2 additional costume slots for ALL characters ($5).

So is this the doom and gloom that everyone thought it would be?