Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's important to note (not really)

Hallow's end started today. Collecting the candy is a great way to level.

Secondly, each flag cap in WSG currently nets me 900-1000 exp. At appx., 25000+ exp to level, we're looking at over 7 WSG victories to level up.

Third, Champions Online, halloween activities begin on the 27th.

Fourth, All that "promise" that Champions had is still there, and progressing. They're adding more dailies, and progress in the game fast and often, much like young WoW. For those holding out, I'll give it another serious look over after the next batch of added content (whatever they deliver after the halloween adventure).

Fifth Element.... why did I never watch this movie until now?

Six a.m. Time for a nap.