Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Games that have influenced me

I suppose that sometimes these things chain out into the world, snagging blogger after blogger. With that in mind, there are some games that as a game designer I feel has influenced what kind of games I want to make. So here are 10 games that have influenced me:

10: Chrono Trigger
9: Mega Man (classic and X)
8: Kirby Super Star
7: Legend of Zelda (8-bit and Snes versions)
6: Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan)
5: Killer Instinct
4: Rygar (and bionic Commando)
3: Bloons Tower Defense 4
2: Warcraft II
1: Legend of Mana

Now, this list has no particular order, and I simply started with the ones that jumped out at me and made my way down through 10. Notice that World of Warcraft is not in there (though if I made a top 20 list it would be included).

The above games are deeply within my psyche. I see the world through a lens that contains these games. I always think about them, and what they did that was wonderful, when I think of making games. I'll go through these one at a time in other posts so that I can properly break down why each game influences me.