Friday, June 3, 2011

Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star carries a great deal from other games that I love and have influenced me, but it brought to the table something that I rarely experience in other games: a mix of game play. Kirby Super Star is more of a collection of games all themed around Kirby. From Sci-fi to Fantasy to Modern, the game has a variety of settings and play styles.

RPGs used this often to help break up game play from just pressing confirm. Some adventure games used it to diverge from the just find the thing to click on this screen type of game play. And recently (as in with in the last few expansions) World of Warcraft has seen the light, and started actively inserting this into their game.

As I’ve said before, variety is important. Why just leave the puzzle to be worked out with the standard UI of the game. You can create custom experiences within a massive $50 game to add to people’s experience. Zombie mode in games has become rather popular, but I’m also talking about snowboarding in Final Fantasy VII, or Mortal Kombat Kart Racing.

So even though the contribution is small, Kirby Super Star is what gets me thinking about adding other mini-games and play styles to games.