Monday, June 27, 2011

Study Imitates Life

Next course at Full Sail University began today, and immediately, I am shocked that I have been studying it all along. They point me to read, which is on my blog roll! They tell me to do in depth analysis of different games, and I do! They tell me to do a bug report, which I have no idea how to do.

So there are some things in there that are new and scary, while at the same time, I feel that the things I normally do have an increased workload. In the end though, it makes me feel more confident in having made the right decision. I knew that I was a game designer at heart. I know that I can make great games. What I didn't know, is exactly what I don't know. So going to this course at Full Sail is of great benefit to me. Essentially I want to gain knowledge in what I don't know, and improve what I do know.

Furthermore, I want to know what I didn't know I was supposed to know.

It sounds silly typing it out as such, but I really feel good about what I've learned so far. I'll be posting more later on my top 10 influential games, the delay is that I've gotten back to work. I'm trying to establish my schedule so that I can work, study, spend time with my son and do my online cooldowns like this blog.