Monday, August 22, 2011

Legend of Mana

Crafting first entered into my brain while playing Legend of Mana for the PS1. It was an interesting idea, to get a recipe for an item and then simply making the same item but with different material (Minecrafters are staring at me right now). Thing is in 2000, this was rather new to me. Before then most games simply had a get material make a special weapon, at most. Crafting was an amazing concept for me.

I like the idea of LoM’s crafting, it used different things such as elemental influences, materials, and some random things to define the power of the item made. Furthermore, the game allowed for reforging, which was a way of adding power to the weapons.

Comparing LoM’s crafting to World of Warcraft, where each piece of armor is its own unique recipe, I would rather use LoM’s. In a sense, you could tier armor and weapons by effect or functionality and then allow the player to modify it through material and elements. All together allowing for a complicated set of items that possess unique features based on the choices of the creator.

When looking at design, I would focus on crafting as a major aspect of gameplay, and find ways to make it interesting and fun. Simply just having the materials and clicking craft is not enough to make the mechanic fun.