Saturday, August 7, 2010

Comment Flirting

I went to every single blog on my blog roll, and did a flirting comment to the latest post there. To each person I flirted with, if you come back here, I challenge you to flirt with each of the people on your blog roll, in their comments section, and then write a post about it.

It was hard to stay on topic, but I tried to at least incorporate something about the post in the flirt. I had no shame at what gender the blogger was, and in some, I ended up being more lewd than I intended! They were each done one after the other, which also made the flirting harder!

It was fun at the same time, and I even though I was forcing myself to come up with flirts, I was sincere with wanting to show some "love" for my favorite bloggers! Now I know some of you, or even all of you, will not follow through with this challenge, and some don't even have a blog roll, like I do.

Also some of the blogs I commented on, the comments are moderated, so my flirt might never show up!

Either way, it was fun, and I was hoping to see how many people would follow through on a whim!

So keep blogging cuties! I'll keep reading ;)