Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Auction Expired

So for the first time in Champions Online, I've had my auction expire. It did take a while, so I suppose that I either was charging too much, or someone just wasn't looking for it.

One of the best things about all the items you get in CO is that you can use them to get raw materials for your crafting. Now this is very necessary, since "disenchanting" the items into mats, gives you skill points, and you need those skill points every time you change specialties.

If you do decide to switch, you at least "remember" all of your designs etc., and you can go back anytime... you'll just have level the crafting back up, which, for enough money, can be done while getting resources.

Moving on....

The benefits of inviting a friend to Champions Online are as follows:
As soon as your friend or family creates an account, he or she becomes your recruit. You'll both receive an exclusive in-game action figure!
You will be linked automatically in the friends list, and be able to teleport to each other anytime! (This doesn't end, and is a permanent gift for recruiting your friend)
For the first 15 days, you'll get 5% bonus Experience, 5% bonus Resources (money), and 5% bonus Damage.
For each recruit that purchases Champions Online, you get an extra costume slot, and the first two converts gives you a bonus item. One is a powerhouse teleporter, and the other one takes you to the nearest transport location (helicopters that take you to another zone).
Every recruit gives you 400 cryptic points ($5 value) and every two gets you a free 30 days.

It does seem like they want people to bring their friends into the game. I'm not sure how effective this is, but it does seem to cover something that each type of player would want as a reward.