Saturday, August 21, 2010

Champions Online - State of the Game Aug. 24th

So an update is coming soon for CO, which will bring with it, such excellent things as: Supergroup improvements, an updated Renaissance Center (the main hub of Millennium City) , many new emotes, a harder difficulty setting, costume unlock fixes, and more tights!

They had planned to release a pet update, but they weren't satisfied with the results, so they'll be holding back on it for now. They are also doing a 1-week promotion to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. So I invite everyone to try this game again for FREE (unrestricted to boot!) from Sept. 1st to Sept 7th (ends 3am PST). You can go to their website and sign up and download the client now, if you want to get a head start! (and as always they have their unlimited demo that you can play within the starting crisis zone).

To top it off, they also have another Adventure Pack coming out at the end of September/early October, called the Demon Flame. The best part about these adventure packs is that they scale, so you can go in there at any level and have some awesome fun. They are very cohesive, and give you a little story line each.