Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick TV Review Of Doom: The Flash

So I watched the Flash last night as I was trying to fall asleep. It kept me awake! Man, there is something about the Flash that keeps me coming back to it week after week. It has a certain amount of drama and superhero that does overbear me with any one thing. Grant Gustin has a way of exuding a happiness that I've come to associate with the Flash from the comics. The character of Barry Allen was the kind of person who would have a drink with you, and talk you out of doing something just as much as he was to punch you in the face.

With all this, the Flash seems to be on point with being just the right amount of quirky for me to enjoy. Last night's episode was just a culmination of a season that just keeps hitting the topic of what it means to be a Flash tv show. It is completely worth it to watch, whether you like Flash from the Justice League cartoons, the comics, the new 52/Flash Point Paradox, or just casually as a really fast hero.

Check it out on Huluplus or CWtv.