Monday, April 20, 2015

Nothing To Talk About?

I've been at a loss on what to talk about here for a while now. I've tried starting some posts, but I honestly didn't feel I had enough to contribute in those particular cases. In an attempt to get back into blogging, and as part of my, start it when you feel like it philosophy, I decided to go ahead and post about my lack of posts.

Much like a writer, who writes about being blocked, it can have a way of unblocking the mental paths required to do work. I've been stagnating now for quite a while, and I feel the need to break myself out of my funk.

I've been doing a few different things recently, and they're all kind of working me towards getting back to work. I've had so many set backs in a row, that I lost a great deal of motivation, and being stuck in a situation where it is already difficult to set time aside to do any one thing, let alone the cornucopia of projects I have for myself. I want to get motivated again, and part of it is saying it.

Current Projects:

Unreal4 Version of Hexahedron Puzzle game
GameMaker Simple Strategy Game (for beginning concepts of mouse click unit control)
A novel (any novel, my god do I need to get back to writing again!)

Current Pastimes:

World of Warcraft (need to get another time card, ran out)
Magic: The Gathering (a store opened up near my house, and so I'm getting back into it)
Heroes of the Storm (though honestly it feels like I'm just grinding to buy more heroes)

Blogging Plans:
Quick Movie/Series Review of Doom (this is a call back to what I used to do on my geocities page over 18 years ago)
Weekly Check In (I should establish at least one day a week where I blog about my week)
Updates (as they happen)

Well, this seems like a nice plan. Now to do it (or not, remember, missing a day is not a big deal, just make it up asap, and get back into your groove). Fatalism (the way of thinking where either you only succeed or fail with no gray area in-between) can really mess with your ability to succeed.  The key is to remember that failing to succeed in plans you make yourself is not the end of the world (unless your plan was to prevent the end of the world).