Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Creating a Champion, tip #4

Keep in mind what kind of crafting you want to do. As you go through the tutorial, pick items that match the kind of crafting you want from one of the 3 main choices. This is because, once you get to the Crisis Zone (Desert or Canada) you'll start crafting and in this game you can take apart items to get components and skill up your crafting.

There are 3 main catergories, Science, Mysticism, and Arms. Further more, each one has 3 subcategories.

Arms Upgrades:

Fighting Techniques (Blueprint name: Kata)
Alien Biology (Blueprint name: Dossier)
Ordnance (Blueprint name: Diagram)

Mysticism Upgrades:

Arcana (Blueprint name: Grimoire)
Avatars (Blueprint name: Apotheosis)
Enchanted Gear (Blueprint name: Imbuement)

Science Upgrades:

Inventions (Blueprint name: Schematic)
Mutations (Blueprint name: Mutagen)
Exposures (Blueprint name: Catalyst)