Thursday, September 3, 2009

Champions online microtransactions, part 1

Let me start off by saying, after having the servers down all day, by the time I could get the patcher running it had a 1124mb download. News on their site blame it on the new guy, but they are giving all subscribers a free day (I'm thinking of posting that lifers should get 80 free points).

This brings me to what happened after I plugged in my Champions online preorder key. I got 400 cryptic points (the offer from Gamestop was that I'd get 5 cryptic bucks, which I assume are worth $5). Right now, you can pick a bunch of "pets" to follow you each worth 80 points (12 total meaning 960 points). With 400 points I can pick 5 of them.

This also means each "toy" is worth $1.

Now to see what else they'll add, but this is hardly doom worthy, and simply means that unlike WoW, they want you paying for you vanity figures. Also, by defeating bosses you are able to get some in game.

PS 3 hours now and the patch is still going, even after I fell asleep in this horrible Autumnal heat.