Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Week in Pangoria Week of May 4th, 2015

Pretty uneventful week. I came to a few realizations on my Magic deck this past FNM, and over the weekend after Friday, that I was able to understand the key weaknesses of the deck. Interestingly enough, the weakness is what made the deck fun. The key here is that it was a combo deck with an aggro goal. Which is where it suffered, because unlike normal aggro it wasn't cheap enough, and unlike a combo deck, it didn't just "go off". This means that it was easy for the top tier decks to disrupt.

Where my deck was finally in a good position for, was that it could stymie aggro decks into a game of attrition, and it had enough fuel to get past control decks... controlling. The issue is that i didn't have enough of an answer to Den Protector/Raptor resilience.

Moving on, I put a few more words to digital paper on my novel. Not as much as before, and it is something I'm redoubling my efforts on. Finally, I have been doodling out some character concepts for a new game. Pretty simple idea which I think I can execute rather well. I'm thinking of looking into animation software for it, something like Spriter.