Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Champions - More Fun than Before

Time is passing, and Champions Online is becoming more and more fun. Now, I still don't play as often as I'd like (with having to use my wife's computer and all, since it doesn't run will on Linux, and even if it did I'm down to only 1gb of RAM), and so my highest level toon is 18 (about to hit 19). One good thing about this experience, is that I got to try out the Serpent expansion zone on a low level hero.

Now to get to it, I had to talk to an UNTIL agent over by the Helicopter that takes you to the Desert and Canada. He gives you a mission to go visit UNTIL headquarters. Once there, I got the mission to go to the Jungle in Africa, and I went to a helicopter inside UNTIL HQ, and that took me to the new zone.

The first zone there is pretty small. I did a few steps of the mission, nothing out of the ordinary. I was pretty much by myself, since I imagine many people are higher level than me, or haven't figured out how to get there.

Aside from a  new zone to explore, the game is becoming more fun as I tweak the UI, and get accustomed to navigating the world. The AH has an icon on the map now (which I might have pointed out before), and searching for an item is easier.

My favorite thing is how an auction can stay in there indefinitely. Often times, I'll post several things and come back a couple of weeks later to find everything sold. When you log in, you get your money automatically, and you can even check your mail from the website, to know if you have money coming.

I like the website integration, in that I can mail someone from outside the game, and they get the message in the game.