Friday, June 12, 2015

Somewhere between Caitlyn and Rachel

Is race changing treated the same way as gender changing? Is it brave to come out as a black woman when you were identified as white when you were born?

I'm wondering if there is any difference in this? If not, is there any reason to deny people who feel they are actually a cat or fox or half-god/half-kitsune in their soul? Or people who identify as a cartoon character, trapped in a human body?

I've been trying to understand all the special snowflakes out there, and quite honestly, I keep swinging between very polarizing feelings and ideas when it comes to this.

Do we accept all, or do we deny all? Is there even a half measure on this, or is it all some sort of body dysmorphic disorder, similar to anorexia and bulimia? We say its dangerous to want to be too skinny, but is it dangerous to want to be a woman or a man, or black or white or an animal? All these people are trying to distort or change their bodies in some ways.

Are there less acute versions of this? Is body-piercing and tattoos a form of body dysmorphia? How much of this is influenced by culture? If we all dressed the same, would anyone recognize that they weren't a girl but really a boy?

Do we generate a scale of harm based on the effects of the dysmorphia, so that obviously fatal and damaging things like anorexia needs to be treated? But we're okay with satisfying the feelings of transgendered people and furries?

I suppose we're going to be facing this, and perhaps we go the path of accepting all, and see where it goes. Sometimes, we don't know when a line is crossed until we come to it.