Friday, November 9, 2012

Pathfinder Passion Penumbra

I had never played D&D 3, 3.5 or Pathfinder before. A couple of weeks ago, I had my first Pathfinder game with some new friends. The interesting thing is that this was with a relatively newer DM (dungeon master) and with a team and system I was not familiar with. There were times where I was acting a certain way, which mechanically was counter to my benefit. A few other things went wrong with the game as well: I was tired from a long day of work, the DM favors realism/simulation, we were playing online instead of face to face, we were using a program new to most of us (and it was buggy to boot).

Regardless of this, the game was fun, and I learned a bit about the mechanics of the game (I always prefer to learn "live"). The thing is that it made me want to DM again (DMing was my primary activity in almost all D&D and RP games I have played). It made me realize how much I loved crafting story and combat events for players.

Thing is, I don't really want to also learn this program that we used (using it as a player is fine, but our DM seemed to have spent a lot of time on this). My solution would probably be to set something up in google docs drawing, but I would need to find a shared screen die roller.

Also, I really only have experience with 2nd edition and 4th edition (I'm probably skipping next and going for the edition after next). So if anyone has experience with DMing multiple game systems from D&D, I'd love to hear some good tips.

I'm not sure if I'd like to DM a Pathfinder game, or a strong simulation game (the group seems to have a strong hate for 4th edition), but I'm definitely thinking about it.