Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I created a toy project for school. I wanted to share it, as a way of having it up online. Its a perlenspiel project.

Perlenspiel is a java coded environment, that allows for the manipulation of "beads" or little squares on the screen. The designer can control the size of the grid, the border thickness of the beads, the color of the beads, glyphs that show up on the beads, etc etc.

This folder share I'm doing includes the perlenspiel code as well as my own code. I'm very proud of this. Now unfortunately, none of my online "sites" allow for ftp set ups like my old Geocities website did. This means that I'd have to create a wordpress blog to really have this "posted". Considering that I'd also like to share my other work (including my flash inventory example), I may have to switch to word press, or create a wordpress blog specifically for my projects. I'll update as it happens.

If anyone has experience with word press please let me know.

Anyways, the toy is a "weaving" toy. You set up a pattern, click weave and it goes up one. I coded it so that I could change the number of rows and columns to fit my mood.

This week I'm working on a puzzle game for the class, also in perlenspiel. I'll share it when I'm done and its been turned in.

Note to other Full Sail students, code is checked, and it is possible for teachers to find out if you copy pasted code. There are things for that. Most of them much more advanced than this online one.