Saturday, May 26, 2012

Free Cataclysm

Just picked up Cataclysm for free for my wife and me. Not that she's even remotely interested in WoW right now. Ultimately, it was available for us to do so, and I took advantage of saving myself $80. So I'm playing through Cataclysm, primarily the whole underwater zone of... v.... something? Anyways, its a beautiful place to swim around in, but I really feel trapped in there. So I did a few dungeon finder places, and overall I feel mostly lost.

I haven't even touched the new races. I don't know if I want to actually come back to World of Warcraft, but if I ever do, I figured I might as well get the expansion for free. Now my friend said they do not need the mount, and since after this week I'll be super busy again, I figured, I'll just enjoy this week and see if there is any interest in keeping this game going.