Monday, October 24, 2011

One Long Month

It has been one very hectic and busy month. Between work and my school assignments, I was kept busier than a busy bee. I was getting 4 hours of sleep per day. I was to the point of not functioning. Needless to say none of my side projects got done.

An interesting thing is happening for my current class, something that I felt like taking advantage of anyways. It just so happens that my next class's final is a 20% project. This is the concept from Google, where each employee was encouraged to take 20% of their time to come up with new products or ideas for the company. As part of my final grade I need to create something that is measurable, shows where I am at in the beginning, and shows how far I got at the end.

Though the class started today, it will also end in 4 weeks, which is essentially 1 month. This following month is November. November is also known as National Novel Writing Month. I've never written a 50,000 word story. I've done half of that though. So that means that this month, my goal is to write a novel. I'm starting at 0 words in the novel. Blank slate. The one thing I'm going to do is dip into my archive of story ideas, and choose one.

So while I'm doing other assignments and working, I'll be writing a novel. The other good thing, is that this means that I'm going to be using not only this blog as a measuring device, but as a way of exploring the concepts that I'm learning as I apply them to my project.

So this will be a month all about writing! You might even get pictures or a vlog post!