Friday, January 7, 2011

A Deluge of Choices

I'm still playing League of Legends: daily. I've also been playing a x-mas present for my DS, called Dragon Warrior IX, which is really good. Champions Online has been on and off, since finding consistent friends for it has been difficult. I'm hoping that F2P transition fixes that. I got a board game over the holidays as well, Market of Alturien. The directions were horrible, and it took an hour to set up a game that should only take a few minutes to set up (the second play's set up was better).

All in all, there are several games I'm playing, and I really don't have any need to seek out other games right now. Regardless of that, there are several more games I plan to try in the near future. So, if anyone else reads this, if there is a F2P game you want me to join up and play with you, for Windows or Mac, just let me know, in the comments section.