Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fan Fiction

I've always liked fan generated content. Which is what really drew me into things like Total Conversions for Warcraft 2, fan fiction, fan art, and games that let you create your own levels.

When you can share those things, it adds even more to the product that was so lovingly crafted for us. At the same time, the floodgates can open, and suddenly you're up at 2am high on Mentos the freshmaker, drinking soda, and reading Artemis's Lover, and you realize, that someone crafted this horrible disease for your eyes. (Don't follow that link, I just put it in there to make people who follow it suffer the same pain I have).

So what we have is a medium that anyone can join in (even people from other countries will write in bad english just so they can share their ideas with you), which leaves it so far open, that 90% of it has no other choice than to be bad.

The 10% that isn't bad, is mostly either "ok" or "passable". The juicy part is the 1%. That last bit is so good, that suffering through the rest can be worth it. I like it, because it allows me to practice the craft of writing, with little prep time (setting, world, and characters are already there I just need to type stuff up).

So while I'm outlining, planning, re-planning, and finalizing who my characters are, I'm practicing my craft. I've already had several false starts with my novel over the years, and as such, I want to really study what I'm going to be writing. Never have I been closer to actually having a solid start on this project.

I'm really excited, and each week I'm improving. So I added my fanfic authors page to the right, for anyone who wants to check it out. I already have a blog space reserved for my Novel, so once that's going I'll have somewhere specific for that. I want to allow previews of chapters, and other things online etc etc.

It's the things we do inbetween all this crazy stuff called life that makes it worth while right?