Thursday, November 19, 2009

When would be a good time to try Champions Online again?

Honestly, the game that Champions Online is NOW, almost 3 months after it's launch is much better.

They've been making very positive, constant progress in this game. They're adding more level 40 content (which I've stated is the majority of their player-base aside from those level 1-10). They've added more filler for the content between 20-34 which was reported as being "sparse".

They're newest addition to PVP is alot of fun, and got such a positive response, that more themed pvp will continue to be release in the future.

If you've already bought this game, then a reactivation in mid-February might be a good time to check back in on the game to see what progress they've made.

The biggest reason I knew I wanted a life-time subscription to this game is that progress I saw them make in the couple of weeks of open beta before launch. If they can make so many changes and fixes like that, then I can expect constant progress until they get the game where it needs to be. The best part about MMOs is that the more time that you spend away from it, the more content there is for you to do.