Saturday, June 9, 2012 / Sad Face

I got an e-mail saying that one of my stories went above and beyond what was allowed on  I was upset, since my stories never go past a traditional R rating in a movie (I don't really go into too much detail, just enough to squick somebody before I move on with the narrative). I believe that the specific issue was that my story was too much like Hostel or Saw in its maturity, where as soft core porn makes it through all the time.

So even though I had taken someone's advice and spread the story to (which not only can accept my story, it can categorize it), I decided to also create a deviantart page which will contain my stories (I also want to use it to contain my artwork as I make it). This along with this blog and a website coming later will create a triumvirate super power of a portfolio for me (this is just an allegation of a portfolio as it is). Essentially allowing people to experience my content however they choose to.